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Everyone has a different need when looking for an apartment.
Let us help you find the place that meets your requirements!

This site isn't for Criminal Issues (click here for that site).

This Site for People with Special Requirements or Credit Issues(like Broken Leases, Evictions, and Foreclosures).

It's a Free Service - the apartments pay our fees but you must agree to follow our steps and call us back when you lease.

Click here to Read Our 12 Step Guide or Select the FIND MY TX APT FORM (2nd Menu Item).

The Benefit of Our Service: Saves you Time, Money, and Stress 

We can save you time, money, and stress.

We will save you, time, money, and the stress that comes with searching for an apartment.  I know the complexes, the management, and their policies. I know the ones that you may not qualify for due to income, rental history, credit problems, the breed, size, or numbers of animals you keep, or criminal background. I can find apartment near a bus line or identify those within a quick commute of your work.  

Stop wasting your time and money applying at apartment complexes that aren't interested in your business; I'll point you to the ones where their policy's align with your needs. We specialize in helping people that may have been turned down by complexes or have special needs.

NOTE: Criminal Charge or Conviction (for deferred adjudications for a felony, pending felony charges, or a misdemeanor or felony) should go to our special site: www.AptFindFelons.com

Click on me to download a PDF business card with the 3 steps to your FREE GIFT CARD.

Want an additional reason to use our Texas Service?  

Get a 
great Apartment & a FREE Rebate!

At 24x7AptFind.com, we process E-mail form requests and search requests at extended hours.  We are open from 9 AM to 8:30 PM and take phone calls 7 days a week (on-demand on the weekends).  Don't be surprised if you submit a FIND MY TX APARTMENT form from one of our family of web sites (see below) at 11:30 PM and have a list at 8 AM - that's the way we work!

We are trained Real Estate professionals who specializes in helping you sift through the thousands of Apartment properties in your area of Texas to find the right apartment or town home for you!

You can select one of two menu options to look for an apartment or townhome:

FREE TX APT SEARCH is available 24x7 and is designed for people with no issues (broken leases, evictions, criminal convictions, foreclosures, bankruptcy, or severe credit issues).

FIND MY TX APT e-mail form on this site is designed for people with "rental history or credit issues" but not people with Criminal Issues (for that see www.AptFindFelons.com).

is our website that is devoted to helping people with criminal issues, including pending charges, misdemeanors, deferred misdemeanors, deferred felonies, felons and their families. The phone for AptFindFelons.com is 832-303-3002.

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Just want to get an idea of Texas apartments and costs?

If so, select the Search menu option (see the menu on the left).  You can also call 24x7 at my 24 hour Message Line at 832-303-3002.  24x7AptFind.com serves the 4 biggest metros in Texas: including Houston, Dallas - Ft. Worth or DFW metroplex, San Antonio and Austin TX.    
We help you find your Texas Apt Home.

Our offices are based in Texas; John is a Texas Real Estate Agent. He will give you a note along with the list that explains all the steps you must take.

Our Phone is 832-303-3002. We are available for calls from 6:45 - 7:45 AM and 5:30 - 7:30 PM Monday - Friday or Saturday from 9:30 to 12:30. 

We are closed on Sunday and National Holidays.

After you get your Apartment Leased and get your Apartment Number...

No or Low Deposits, Great Rates; Flexible Plans

Call me at 832-303-3002 and say "Turn On My Power"

I can provide you with:
1. No or Low Deposits*
2. Inexpensive Rates and Flexible Plans**
3. Easy to Sign Up - just call me or click the gold link to www.24x7.joinambit.com
4. Great Customer Rewards including Travel Vouchers and Free Electric

* Apartment deposits range from $0 to $200. If your deposit is $120 or more you can split the deposit into two payments; only half is due to turn on your power

** Ambit Energy's up-to-date plans and rates are at my Ambit Website


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